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  • Horse Farm – Foals, French Fries and Fun

    Enjoy the countryside idyll with horses. In the browser game Horse Farm, you establish your own holiday ranch according to your own wishes. Build comfortable lodges for your Horse Farm guests to stay in. Paint fences, sidings, roofs and windows in your favorite color. Experience the bustle of this horse stable game and explore a multi-faceted browser game. In addition to countless decorations, buildings and production sites, you can look forward to regular updates and seasonal events. Open snack shacks to sell a quick bite such as fries or ice-pops in this horse stable game. Your virtual income can be re-invested into your farm. Complete exciting tasks that you can pick up at the mission board. Discover the fascination Horse Farm and get to know wonderful horses, unique customization options and have tons of fun!
  • Establish your own Horse Farm

    Let's go! Just a few clicks, and you'll be the proud owner of your very own horse ranch. Previously only available as an app, Horse Farm is now available as a browser game for your PC. All you need is a free account on – no download or installation necessary! Horse Farm can be played online from anywhere. Experience a visually exciting horse stable game with many gripping challenges . The further you progress, the more customization options you have. Build lodgings for your guests, take care of your horses and expand your farm property. Surprise your visitors with stunning horses – from Hannoverians over Arabians and Appaloosas to Quarter Horses and sweet Shetland Ponies. Play now!
  • Horse Farm – The Horse Stable Game for your Browser

    Let the horse fun begin! You can now explore this unique horse stable game in the comfort of your browser on your PC. Create your own Horse Farm and explore the possibilities. The further you progress, the more customization options and activities you'll have at your disposable. Horse Farm provides a wide range of fun challenges in a lovingly detailed cartoon style. Spruce up your ranch with gorgeous decorations. Experience wonderful seasonal events. Regular updates provide new content and opportunities. Come stop by your very own Horse Farm. Delight your guests with luxurious lodges, tasty treats and a near limitless supply of equestrian activities for an unforgettable stay. Visit the Horse Farm and play now! We look forward to seeing you.
  • Opulent Opportunities

    Hi-ho Silver, away! Dive into the wonderful world of horses. The entertaining horse stable browser game Horse Farm has everything you need for an unforgettable equestrian experience online. Run your own ranch and take care of your horses. Earn virtual money with classic Horse Farm activities and reinvest it in this horse stable game. Breed cute foals with special attributes at the breeding station and provide your visitors with a wide variety of horse riding activities. Prove your skill as a manager and horse lover alike as your progress through the horse stable game. Fun cartoon graphics provide an idyllic setting in the countryside – the perfect place to start your dream of your horse ranch!

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