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  • Horse Farm – The Fun Pony Game

    Experience the fascinating world of horses. In Horse Farm, entertainment is guaranteed as you open your own dude ranch. As the sole owner, you can shape it into the ranch of your dreams. Build lodges for your guests, choose the paint job for everything from fences over window frames to roof tiles. Pamper your guests with a delicious culinary spread – the fries from the snack shack are especially popular. Turn your Horse Farm into an unparalleled vacation destination. While younger visitors can ride the docile Shetland Ponies, older guests prefer Hannoverians, Arabians, Appaloosas, Quarter Horses and many other breeds. Explore the browser game Horse Farm and play for free now!
  • A Holiday Paradise for Horse Lovers

    Do you know the browser game version of Horse Farm already? After the smashing success of the cult app, the pony game is finally available as a browser game. All you need is a PC with a working internet connection, and you can dive right in. Once you've registered at, all you need to do is add the game to your account, then you can get started. Let yourself be enchanted by Horse Farm's unique charm. An extraordinary pony game with many novel ideas and original customization options. Decorate your ranch. Take care of all of your horses. Earn in-game money and use it to pay for new items. With every level, you'll have more content. Discover the virtual horse paradise. Visit Horse Farm today and play for free!
  • Horse Farm – Fun with Four Hooves

    Such an adorable sight! A little girl with fire-red pigtails enthusiastically riding a horse in a circle. In the Horse Farm browser game, you'll provide your guests with a wide variety of equestrian activities. Solve exciting challenges, design your farm property, and build new amenities for your eager guests. Expand the selection of lodgings, meals, and horses on your Horse Farm. You can get Hannoverians, Arabians, Appaloosas, Quarter Horses, Shetland Ponies and more! Horse farm is a captivating mix of pony game and horse stable game. Decorate your ranch, build a breeding station and rear cute little foals. Change the colors and design of your fences, doors and sidings on a whim with just a few clicks. Master captivating challenges and secure yourself valuable rewards. Horse Farm provides an unrivaled equestrian experience!
  • Regular Updates for Unforgettable Fun

    Humans and horses alike will be in heaven here! Boasting a fascinating blend of pony game and tycoon, the browser game Horse Farm allows you to establish the dude ranch of your dreams. The guests on your ranch will love the wide range of equestrian activities with such a scenic backdrop in this pony game. Build snack shacks, cafes and more to provide for your guests, and give your horses the best possible care. Experience a wonderful horse browser game. Regular updates and improvement perform an optimal game performance. Join in the fun!

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